Occupy Love

Join acclaimed director Velcrow Ripper (Scared Sacred, Fierce Light) on a journey deep inside the revolution of the heart that is erupting around the planet, as he asks the question, “How could the crisis we are facing become a love story?”

Corridors of Resistance: Stopping Oil and Gas Pipelines (2015)

The Unist’ot'en camp lives on high alert amidst multiple incursions from the companies trying to build the pipelines. Yet while under attack, the camp enjoys wide support and solidarity. As this video highlights, the Unist’ot’en form part of a networked "corridor or resistance” of numerous justice movements who are increasingly willing to take action to oppose extreme energy projects and who are building energy sovereignty from the ground up.

Love in the Multitude

Can love serve as a political concept? On April 20, 2006, Michael Hardt, Associate Professor of Literature and Romance Studies at Duke University, discussed the cultural and political significance of the concept of love in the context of world politics in his lecture "Love in the Multitude". Hardt drew from sources as diverse as Freud, Augustine, Arendt, and Che Guevara to develop a political conception of love.


The Maracanã stadium is not only a space for leisure but, above all, a space of struggle. In this documentary, the Grupo Popular Pesquisa em Ação explores the struggle for education, for housing, for indigenous rights, against capital development. This is a story similar to many struggles throughout Brazil, against the mega-events and the development model imposed from above.

In Defence of Life (2016)

In Defence of Life follows the struggles and triumphs of four communities resisting large-scale mining projects in Colombia, the Philippines, South Africa and Romania. Courageous environmental and human rights defenders from these communities describe how they have suffered and why they are standing firm to protect their families, land, water and life from destruction by mining.

Anomaly X Utopia

Colectivo Situaciones explain their concept of 'anomaly' in opposition to the classical future-oriented understanding of utopia.

Autogestió: Adventures Into the New Economies of Catalonia

Catalonia is at the forefront of new economic thinking. They are a region rich in social currencies and in projects and people creating functioning post-capitalist societies. In June 2015, while in the midst of arranging the launch of the Exeter Pound, a local currency for Exeter, Adam and Hannah raised the money to travel to Catalonia and interview some on-the-ground members of these post-capitalist networks to get a glimpse of how and why they are forming.

The Eros Effect

George Katsiaficas - professor, sociologist, author, and activist - discusses his concept of the 'Eros Effect' in relation to the 2011 wave of demonstrations and rebellions throughout the Middle East and North Africa, placing them in a greater context of social transformation.

In Transition 2.0: A Story of Resilience & Hope in Extraordinary Times (2012)

This film is an inspirational immersion in the Transition movement, gathering stories from around the world of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. There are stories of communities printing their own money, growing food, localising their economies and setting up community power stations.

Srećko Horvat - The Utopia of Love

Talk held in the context of the UTOPIAS cycle at Teatro Maria Matos in Lisbon, 7th March 2017 (In english from 5:58).

Occupy Wall St - The Revolution Is Love

A community funded short film narrated by Charles Eisenstein.

Another World (2013)

"Another World" is a film about the grassroots initiatives in Greece that form another world right here and now, away from the crisis and beyond capitalism (Greek narration, English subtitles in captions).

Michael Hardt. For Love or Money. 2011

Michael Hardt, contemporary philosopher, discusses phlilosophy, social relations, capitalism, property, love, exchange, money, politics, political theory, communism, Alexandra Kollontai, and Karl Marx and his 1844 Manuscripts. Public open lecture for the students and faculty of the European Graduate School EGS Media and Communication Studies department program Saas-Fee Switzerland.

Anarchism and Love

Love is a recurring theme in the writings of the Italian anarchist Errico Malatesta. This short film claims that love is integral to Malatesta’s vision of an anarchist society.

Colectivo Situaciones - Interview with Leandro Cardoso

Colectivo Situaciones talk about projects/discourses of integration of Latin America, and explore ways in which to restart the broadening of the political imagination.

We Are Built To Be Kind

Greed is good. War is inevitable. Whether in political theory or popular culture, human nature is often portrayed as selfish and power hungry. UC Berkeley psychologist Dacher Keltner challenges this notion of human nature and seeks to better understand why we evolved pro-social emotions like empathy, compassion and gratitude.

Honey at the top

A documentary about the Sengwer forest people of the Cherangani Hills, Kenya, being evicted from their ancestral land in the name of conservation. Facing international pressure from organisations like the World Bank, a corrupt Kenya Forest Service who are burning their houses, and attempts to turn the forest into a commodity through carbon offsetting schemes, the Sengwer fight to hold onto their culture and resist.

Feminist Love Studies? Current Contingencies and Visions

Justyna Szachowicz-Sempruch lecture in the American Studies Colloquium Series (Fall 2015): Impacted by global conflicts and loaded with tensions on a local scale, Western attitudes and understanding of love bonds become more diverse and elastic, but also more intensive than ever. In the face of the growing secularism and the shifting grounds of traditional institutions, psychic transformations in the perception of love as indispensable human affect are on the horizon.

Hope Will Win Over Fear: The World Social Forum (Documentary)

This film interprets the World Social Forums through an organic fusion of Popular Brazilian Music (MPB), interviews and Forum footage, mixing an almost music video-like quality with interviews and analysis by Forum participants and social theorists.

Economic Man vs Humanity: a Puppet Rap Battle

Three students challenge outdated economics by debating with their professor about the nature of humankind, with rap and puppetry. This animated film is a collaboration between economist Kate Raworth, puppet designer Emma Powell and song writer Simon Panrucker.

UDITA (2015)

Life, death, oppression and resistance - 5 Years with the women of Bangladesh's sweatshops and their fight for a better life. Produced by RAINBOW COLLECTIVE and OPENVIZOR, 'UDITA' follows a turbulent 5 years in the lives of the women at the grass roots of the garment workers struggle.

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