The support, solidarity and goodwill expressed towards this project is heart-warming.  A huge thank you to all of you who have assisted both practically and financially.  If you wish to make a financial contribution towards essential research costs, conference participation and research fieldwork you can visit the project crowdfunding page by clicking on the link below...

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Jacqueline Healy

Laurence Davis

Orla O'Donovan

Ben Wallbridge

Anna McManus

Brigid Avison

Roger and Joëlle O'Keeffe

Becky Hele

Jenny Wilks

Michael Hardt

Edel Tierney

Duncan MacQueen

Adrienne Buffini

Katie Wallbridge

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Micah White

Matthew Hamill

Delphine O'Keeffe

Di Bligh

Anne Costello

Anne Brouha

Mark Ovland

Isla McLeod

Sarah Mahon

Sophie England

Steven Declercq

Gary Hodge

Ella Tittman

Laurence Cox

Tressa M

Ros Durston

Raul Pino

Julie O'connor

Georgina Buffini

Catherine Lynch

Jo Carroll

Shaz Davis

Steve Hudson

You are invited to co-imagine a  theory and practice of (r)evolutionary love to animate radical social transformation in the 21st century....

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